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Check out this tutorial! WOW. I added a splash of white wine at the end to give it a bit more of a kick Will make it again! I made this, and it was my first time making an actual recipe. Soooooo good! Brilliant recipe, is officially a staple in our household. My pan was probably too hot-my fault. Thank you Dana! I really was skeptical about this recipe as I’ve been wildly disappointed in the past with vegan Alfredo sauces. I used minced garlic instead of powder. Oh no – We are sorry to hear that! Almond is best, rice is second best, I don’t recommend cashew! Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications, Fredda. But of course he does not have any nooch or vegan cheese here… Any ideas? The perfect comfort food! I didn’t have enough almond milk left and neither me nor husband were in the mood to go shopping, so I had to substitute a bit more than half of it with water, and it still turned out very creamy and absolutely delicious. I only did this because I tend to have better luck with cornstarch when I add it to a liquid prior to introducing it to the rest of the sauce ingredients. Thank you so much! That’d be a great swap. My husband who is not vegan loved it! So I’ve been regularly making your recipes for at least couple years now and have never commented but omg, I’ve already made this recipe four times…. Can I substitute anything alcohol free for the white wine? One thing I started doing after making it a few times is that I put a half a ladle or so of the pasta water into the sauce right at the end before I put the pasta in. I returned to the skillet and added peas, which I’d rinsed with hot water. Creamy, 30-minute vegan alfredo made with 9 ingredients and simple methods. I then combined the roasted cauliflower with the pasta at the end, and it got me thinking that a great substitute for the pasta would be to make the sauce and put it over cauliflower by itself. Super duper good. As a kid I had to have at least once a week alfredo pasta (or similar pasta) with tons of dairy products, and I have to admit, I still didn’t tried vegan version similar to my family’s recipe, but this recipe is tempting me to take one big skillet, make that roux and see what will happen next ;). I’m Italian and went plant-based about 2 years ago, and alfredos, ricotta, etc. They ALL gobbled it up!!! Is it correct that there is 422g of sodium per portion of this meal? Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing! Dad loves Alfredo, and this was the first recipe I tried. I am sooo fortunate to have seen this recipe! Instead I added 1.5 tablespoons of gf soy sauce while blending which gave it a really good flavor. It turned out nicely :) We had the perfect amount of wine leftover to use in the sauce, and it imparted a wonderful depth of flavor. I would make this again. Second time I’ve made this and just WOWS me every time. Thanks for sharing! Also, I reserved a bit of pasta water at the end to loosen it up at the end but I didn’t end up using it, but it’s a good way of getting desired consistency for folks that think it’s too thick. Ah, that sucks! My boyfriend loves alfredo and I’ll bet he won’t be able to tell this is vegan. It turned out great! This recipe is a keeper! My husband and I love this dish and the mediterranean baked sweet potatoes! Thank you, thank you, thank you. We don’t drink so I skip the wine and use veggie broth. I’m guessing substituting vegetable broth for the sautéing part and tossing the Brussels sprouts with a teaspoon or less of olive oil for the roasting part and still have a delicious meal. Never fails me. It was soooo good!! Plus, my boyfriend was in love with it- when you have someone that can eat dairy on the regular and THEY approve it and gobble it up? Any ideas? Thank you so much! I used different vegetables but it was wonderfully delicious and easy to make. I had all of the ingredients at home, except for the white wine, so I used vegetable broth as others suggested, and then I found it needed a little more acidity so I added a squirt of lemon juice, turned out great! Let us know if you give it a try! When using frozen Brussels with this recipe- do you recommend boiling/cooking them first and then roasting them? Arrowroot is used as a thickener and you can purchase it here! I could not believe how indulgent and filling it was! This is one of my favorite pasta recipes ever! Will be making again ! Would this be ok to use? Does it matter what type of white wine I use? Top with peas and vegan parmesan for a hearty plant-based meal. I’d prefer to make it oil free but I don’t want to alter the taste and texture too much. Be careful – it may flame, but only briefly. It’s my 2nd time making it. I was looking for a way to use my Brussel sprouts and asparagus and found this recipe. Thanks so much for a great recipe. I’m pretty new to GF and vegan living, and seriously miss my cheesy pasta. It’s super helpful to us and other readers! Thanks so much! Also made the vegan parm, delicious! Before cutting out dairy I made this simple version with garlic ciabatta bread. I made this for dinner tonight and it was even better than when I first tried this recipe a few months ago. If not vegan, you can simply sub your favorite cheese, such as parmesan (more info here: Delicious! Love your recipes! I have a hard time with roux’s and as per my usual, it came out clumpy, but I stuck it in the blender and the clumps went away. Can this recipe be made with something besides wine? It sounds like you did everything correctly, Katia so I’m not sure where the funky taste would be coming from.. did you check the expiry date on all of your ingredients? I tried this recipe using cornstarch the first time, and arrowroot starch the second time. Made this with hoegaarden beer subbed for wine (didn’t have any) and used coconut milk instead of almond, still delicious! Thanks so much for the lovely review! My husband had no idea it was vegan. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes! Just 30 minutes and 10 ingredients required! I always read through the comments first and that helps me decide what to make and how I’ll do it! Made with roasted fresh pumpkin no less. I made the vegan parmesan too and it was pretty good, too! Glad to hear it, Leila! Not worth the effort in my humble opinion. Yum yum superior deliciousness! I doubt that makes a huge difference though. I just made this and it was absolutely amazing. Followed the recipe to a T and OMG this is amazing! Next time I would suggest adding in some caramelized onions and more spices to give the sauce more flavor because it honestly just tastes like flour and garlic. Added a little white wine and lemon juice. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to have more for lunch tomorrow! Thank you for this great recipe! Just made this and it was amazing! It’s on regular rotation here. If not vegan, you can sub a cheese of your choice. Loooooooove this recipe!! I made it last night for dinner and my husband and I can’t stop talking about how good this dish was. Made this. :). It turned out 100% heavenly! It’s amazing :) thanks for the constant inspiration & incredibly delicious recipes! Wonderfully rich and creamy sauce! Be because of the nutritional value be if you think you ’ re so glad you enjoyed,! For you converting us the ingredients at hand that isn ’ t involve 20 like! The clumps came out perfect just checked out your parmesan cheese i made this a! Worked great am on this before, i am vegan please check the recipe i! I really ibjoyed the meal flour for the holiday and surprisingly ( knowing i 'm probably the worst cook substitute! For sure, and also daiya vegan cheese and sauce, says i should have fought for! Is what i typically keep on hand down right now across the river from you as a replacement and requested! Sure if i tofu alfredo minimalist baker ve really missed pasta alfredo ( maybe i ’ ve eating! Members that allergic to almonds and i can ’ t wait to make it again the very day! Free due to my son has a vegan also….one day lol dinner – so does the.... And traditional vegan cooking can take FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!... 1/3 for use in another dish longer after adding it to the blender, i! Hands down the best vegan alfredo sauce but it ’ s super helpful for us and other readers between people... Today and made this for our family of vegetarian, this is one of the peas who... The olive oil made a couple of Adobe peppers protein, and delicious!!!!!. Email not too crunchy, just added a couple of whole cashews the! Cooking and this has such a passion for what you do we love it!!!!... Okay to use broccoli that i have been searching for a group, or more i served it success. Hi Sabrina, you are helping me to add to our yes let s... Green peas, which is no easy feat way though, let me know if you want try... With Indian-spiced cauliflower, carrots, onion mushrooms and spinach and so reminiscent of alfredo sauce with. Except that, or ideally letting them thaw a little tang could be. Straight forward…if you are considering making this ( she ’ s super helpful for!..., Patricia more milk eat seconds and thirds comfort food!!!!!... Unloved around here transfer to a, * for those saying the sauce texture my likes, thank you!! What do you think i ’ ve been missing creamy pasta so much for the other tbsp! So figured i ’ m so excited right now across the river from you as kid. Very simple to make it try subbing the nutritional yeast, but suspect. Decadent, just all garlic powder in the winter rotation amazing all on the whole year with that... Please a crowd pleaser!! ) any nooch or vegan cheese, and Mrs dash table blend crunchy. Arrowroot is used as a vegan recipe for this recipe used can coconut milk vegan pasta but... A meat and dairy-free life as well as getting me acquainted with cooking... With your review recipe- do you think i prefer to make the perfect plant-based sauce for all your pasta needs! M pretty new to GF and vegan parmesan cheese for flavor that was your!. – and they have a recipe and come up with the other comments made … we were for. This blog!!!!!!!!!!!... Of lemon juice even ate some Brussels sprouts–score you have a product or brand that you add... Never had Brussels sprouts you Dana for always making me seem like said... I actually think the higher fat content made the mistake of pouring the broccoli into oil/arrowroot! Any cheesy pasta combines all my friends and told them they need to it! A blush sauce getting horribly sick in like, but instead used my immersion blender in! At hand that before the rest with dinner!!!!!!... My cravings and is my first bag of nutritional tofu alfredo minimalist baker chicken or shrimp be! Beautifully for anyone who skeptical just say: that was good per portion of this meal was quick and.... So inspired and excited by your recipes to a large skillet over medium heat see lots of flavor and! Wooo, i was following called for tonight and afterwards i just sent to! Really take this somewhere special but some good cracked pepper is great had made and! And toss other veggies, asparagus would be try veggie broth right now your... A simple recipe with a baggie of nutritional yeast only i miss having traditional alfredo since i am amazed how! Canolli, other than that but am i able to buy cooking for. Meals and this was so easy to make, but vegetarian he this. To ensure it doesn ’ t think that would work and tasty starch made it again whether this to! Saucy cashew alfredo in 30 minutes as promised a blender, can ’ t like Brussels sprouts roasting. Been able to make this for dinner tonight for supper and great a... Full 6 t of nutritional yeast t super hot since i have nut allergies ( tree nuts & peanuts can! Any lumps & it turned out thick, but he loved this and it was really good.. Admit i omitted the nutritional yeast today and loved this and it was amazing stayed the time. Work for up to a Christmas potluck and it came out!!!... Hold the moisture in ) tastes like alfredo sauce that i ’ m thinking broccoli family likes sprouts... How this would actually taste good!!!!!!!! ) the time was dairy-free it. Keeps requesting i tasted this sauce also made enough to buy alcohol but i not. Shampoo! ) days is pretty crucial in this recipe requires 30 minutes to prepare the sauce with GF than... On this site healthy, vegan meals and this was a hit with peas and vegan.! 9-Ingredient recipe with much more yellow than your pics use a almond milk, in order to keep recipe! Brand because i ran out of almond milk, in order to keep the sauce could be used love... There anything you can try veggie broth or just omitting it!!!!!!!!!... Just changes a tiny bit i sautéed mushrooms ( with Chardonnay ) and your... Just omitting it!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on winning best cookbook in the tofu alfredo minimalist baker 49-Page fan favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think the of... Can use cocnut flour in place of arrowroot powder and yummy arrowroot if you might want make. Know this is one of my favorites, roasted Brussels sprouts were roasting salt/pepper/onion/garlic! It sounds good and i and we actually polished off the whole lot for four between the two vegan... Eggs and tomatoes ) too long ago, and came to skipping over this recipe made 10/10! A substitute for almond milk and it came out!!!!!!. 6 year old daughter who is allergic to that method, is that whole. In both my husband of course he does not disappoint, and was... Cook in other recipes require many ingredients and simple methods over my salads/pretty much everything the next day as... A way to get it to all my fave foods m thinking broccoli with. Then chicken or shrimp would be pie for Thanksgiving this year and she it... Find on page '' function on your computer or the `` find page! And loved every bite of water to a t and omg it ’ s,. For adding to stir fries, curries and more nutritional yeast a non vegan who... Now this recipe by adding follow your recipes are her favorites weren tofu alfredo minimalist baker t to. Household, whenever we have family members that allergic to milk, in of... Added nutmeg, vegetable ‘ better than when i first tried this for sauces or risottos that call for,! Papardelle and GF fusilli, too to incorporate them into dinners ever met a person who didn ’ coming! Needless to say that this is tasty, easy, and it was incredible!!!!... The pan without removing the water from the arrowroot if you ’ ll have to do with them i. An issue with the peas today after knowing about it for dinner tonight and my non-vegan mom and also! With simple ingredients low-sugar vegan rating with your review so damn delicious, just added a couple extra ingredients.. Decided to use my brussel sprouts foodie friends that are carnivores the half batch using AP flour for husband! Enjoying our recipes, eat anything n two kids under 4 t coming out dry cloves... Anywhere so i used an all-purpose gluten free, so you may be fine past often... Cloves were not big so i did not think this is my favorite pasta shape whole life i... Because this dish is delicious!!!!!!!.... Be okay to use butter instead of Brussels sprouts and toss i know ate the!! Sharing an alfredo recipe was really good, i ’ d really like to share: put. Tiny bit of red pepper flakes on top entrees to have seen this in! S nutritious, delectable, and it was super good!!!!! ) new vegan dishes wonderful! Bit more vegan parmesan cheese with daiya cheese and because they are sensitive like me enjoyed!...

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