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Celebes Coconut Milk is a creamy tropical taste that is utilized mostly to make pastries, additive flavors to your favorite food or dessert recipes, soup and other cooking. Our organic coconut milk can be used in anything from ready prepared meals to soups and sauces. Our organic coconut cream powder, organic coconut milk powder and organic coconut water powder all come straight from Vietnam. As well as from common, organic. Global Coconut is equipped with an ultra-modern and Eco-friendly production facility with a peak operating capacity of ~250,000 nuts per day (B2B supplies). That's why we created Coco Creations, our line of better-for-you coconut products, all produced ethically and sustainably, to make your life (and your pantry) a little more refreshed. The top supplying country or region is Thailand, which supply 100% of coconut milk powder respectively. 234 FIFTH AVE SUITE 508,NEW YORK, NY 10001. Coconut milk is made by grating flesh from a brown coconut, soaking it in water and then straining it to produce a milk-like consistency. “Technology could be used to empower coconut farmers.” Coconut milk is a white, milky substance extracted from the flesh of mature coconuts. We see so much potential in coconuts. You can also choose from baby, children, and old-aged. New ways to enjoy it, and new ways to benefit from it. Coconut Milk is the liquid that comes from the grated meat of a mature coconut. In General Nakar, the idea of producing virgin coconut oil, organic coconut milk or coconut water is unimaginable for farmers who lack access to basic refrigeration technology and processing equipment. Quick shop. Elvatara Indojaya is focused in producing coconut products and its derivatives. Our organic coconut cream powder, organic coconut milk powder and organic coconut water powder all come straight from Vietnam. Quick shop. Tradin Organic can supply organic coconut milk, straight from Sri Lanka. Certified with EU Organic and USDA Organic standards, Kara Organic Coconut Milk contains the goodness of 100% organic coconut milk from our organic plantation in Sumatra, Indonesia. Our mission is “Dedicating the best of Indonesia’s natural resources to the world.”and our values are Quality, Healthy and Natural. We offer concentrate and single strength coconut water. Coconut milk provides 50% more calcium than dairy milk. Anthony's Organic Coconut Milk Powder, 1lb, Gluten Free, Vegan & Dairy Free, All Natural Creamer, Keto Friendly 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,578 $12.48 $ 12 . Tel: +62 81 137 19000 PT. Spiced Mixed Case. About Us The coconut is a tropical tree species, mainly grown and harvested by small-scale farmers. Privacy Policy The Coconut Triangle near Colombo is one of the most productive coconut farming areas in Sri Lanka. Not to be forgotten, Indonesia is one of the world’s top producers of coconuts, with a substantial portion of the trees being owned by farmers. Their ingredients include organic coconut, guar gum, and purified water, which all contribute to the brand being named an organic product by the USDA. Use as an ingredient to enhance the taste … Indonesia has the largest area with coconut trees and more than 90% of it is owned by farmers. Its wonderful weather year-round makes it the perfect spot for coconut farming. $49.00. Ingredients. Our products are USDA Organic, Kosher, and Fair Trade USA Certified. Harga: Nucifera Organic Coconut Milk Powder 250grRp43.800: Harga: Frisian Flag Purefarm UHT Coconut Delight 225ml [36 Pcs] Free GiftRp165.600: Harga: 137 Degrees Real Almond Milk With Organic Coconut Nectar 180 mlRp20.000: Harga: 137 DEGREES 180ml Real Pistachio Milk Organic Coconut Flower NectarRp23.100: Data diperbaharui pada 22/12/2020 Elvatara Indojaya is focused in producing coconut products and its derivatives. The opacity and rich taste of Coconut Milk are attributed to its high oil content, most of which is saturated fat.Coconut Milk is a popular food ingredient used in Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and northern South America. © elvatara-indo 2017 - Powered by Wolacom, Coconut LiquidSolid CoconutCoconut For FoodCoconut For HealthCoconut For DrinkCoconut For Cooking. Organic Coconut Milk. Our coconut milk is produced by extracting the oil and liquid from the meat of the coconut and then straining the resultant liquid. Coconut water from Sri Lanka is collected from the inside of the fresh coconuts. $26.50. So if you get coconut milk from Malaysia or Indonesia it probably is not from coconuts picked by monkeys. Includes 12 cans of organic coconut Milk - 13.5 Ounce each - in BPA free cans; Please note coconut milk may naturally separate or solidify when cold. It should not be confused with coconut water. Coco Creations Coconutmilk. It was established in 2012, and is one of the leading manufacturers of coconut products from Indonesia, strategically located amidst the heart of coconut plantations in North Sulawesi. Plain Mixed Case. The Coconut Cooperative connects organic coconut farmers to fair trade ingredient markets across the world. There are 6,936 coconut suppliers, mainly located in Asia. “We’re limited as producers,” said Pascua, the farmers’ representative. Calories: 140; Fat: 15g; Sugar: 0g; Much like Thai Kitchen’s coconut milk, Native Forest also thinks simplicity is key to a great product. As well as coconut milk to drink, organic coconut water and organic coconut milk are also produced and packaged for cooking. Nutrition Content. Quick shop. Native Forest Organic Coconut Milk. 7 results Sort by: Quick shop. Quick shop. We are a trusted coconut supplier that located in Surabaya, East Java-Indonesia. We are Coconut Supplier that located in Surabaya, East Java-Indonesia. We’ve traveled across Southeast Asia to find the best fair trade coconut farmers so you don’t have to. Coconuts' remarkable levels of resilience means that they can be grown in a wide variety of soils, although they do require a relatively high amount of rainfall. Origins: Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia. The red can has a lot going for it: USDA Organic, a distinctive separation between solid and liquid, and the most whipped coconut … By working with farmers that promote ethical, fair trade coconut production processes, we are confident about producing the highest quality bulk coconut flour, sugar, and other products. Whatsapp us. $49.00. Email : The top supplying country or region is Indonesia, which supply 100% of coconut respectively. We really looking forward to be your trusted partner and will gladly help to fulfill your coconut products demands. We will be happy to be your business partner and supplier who provide the best quality of coconut products you can get. It achieves clean label (no additives) without compromising your need for natural flavour and quality of fresh coconut milk. For other varieties, mango purée or cocoa powder is added. But, there's a shocking reason why you won't be seeing coconut milk … Not to be forgotten, Indonesia is one of the world’s top producers of coconuts, with a substantial portion of the trees being owned by farmers. The Most Coconutty Coconut Milk: Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Milk. Organic coconut milk powder is a versatile and nutritious ingredient that can be used as a dairy milk alternative in beverages and in desserts, bakery products and a variety of other food products.It does have a distinctive and delicate coconut aroma and taste.

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