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If you love these jalapeno popper roll ups, try these other appetizer recipes: Last step! Add more flavor to yours, the way you like it! I made these jalapeño popper rolls today, but felt like they were missing something. First of all, whenever I make bacon I make extra for recipes exactly like this. Set tortillas on the countertop. Do you think I can freeze them? I’m pretty sure you are going to love them! Spread the cream cheese all over a slice of ham. Bacon - Use more or less to taste. Subscribe to have posts delivered straight to your inbox!! Any substitute suggestions??? My kids would welcome the change from the norm too, thanks! Neufchatel (1/3-less-fat) cream cheese 1 jar sliced jalapeños, drained. It would be faster and sometimes that’s super important! This summer has been extra busy. And then theirs my baby…well he’s only nine so he doesn’t have to do as much as the other two! Store leftovers in the fridge for up to 3 … Set tortillas on the countertop. I've never used gluten-free "flour style" tortillas, but I'm sure they would work just fine. That sounds delicious! ), Bulletproof Coffee Recipe (How to Make Bullet Coffee), Best Margarita Recipe (Margarita Pitcher Recipe), Mix ingredients together (cream cheese, jalapeno, bacon, cheese, etc), Spoon cream cheese and jalapeno mixture evenly onto tortillas, Roll up the tortillas, let them chill in the fridge, then cut them into 1/2 inch slices. Yes that is what I meant. Spread roll up mixture onto Jalapeno cheddar wraps to the edges. More is always better in my book! I’ll have to try that next time! They have just a little crunch from the jalapenos, and a little bit of a creamy texture from the cream cheese. I think I need the recipe! Pinwheels, tortilla roll ups, WHATEVER you call them…they’re simple, loved by all, and just perfect for game day or New Year’s Eve. Wrap each roll in plastic wrap and place in the fridge at least 3 hours and up to 48 hours. Ashley @ Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen says. A quick and easy jalapeno appetizer that is such a delight. They can be made ahead of time though which is helpful! What size tortillas do you use? Chill about 1 hour, … Tortilla Roll ups with Cream Cheese and Jalapeno makes the perfect flavor combo. will definitely be trying these! In NW Iowa we make these often. When I first started making these as a kid (years ago) I didn’t like spicy at all and neither did my family so would add bell pepper and/or onion for extra flavor. Don’t you just love it when you find an easy and delicious and FUN party food recipe? I’ve never tried it before. Would b wonderful addition to any b-b-q or gathering. How to Make Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll ups, Pigs in a Blanket with Cheese and Parmesan Ranch Butter, Taquitos with Cheese, Beans, and Green Chiles, Crock Pot Ribs Recipe (Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs), Stovetop Burgers – How to Cook Burgers on the Stove, Baked Chicken Wings Recipe (BEST Seasoning! I think it would even be fine to use them without rinsing them! Don’t worry about measuring, guessing is just fine for this recipe! Thank you. Completely cool. These will be a pefect addition to all the other finger foods! Don’t forget to show me a pic of what you made! I think it needs a half cup of something thinner, like mayo, sour cream, or heavy cream. My family is not very tough when it comes to handling spicy foods, especially Justin! It’s easy and quick! Enjoy! You can use any size tortilla you’d like. Place jalapeños along one edge of the ham. Can I use can jalapenos? Amazing!! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Cover with seran wrap and chill for an hour before serving. Here at The Cookie Rookie you will find trusted and easy recipes for every occasion. This recipe isn’t picky so I would just guess. 245. Can you put this in Phyllis shells without any problems? Glad you love it! Would also b good at a wedding reception with finger foods. Spread over tortillas. As the name would suggest, the base is cream cheese mixed with ranch dressing mix and finely chopped green onions, red bell pepper and black olives, all spread on a large flour tortilla, then rolled up … Jalapeno Popper Rollups are a wildly popular spin on the classic! Lay chicken out on a flat working surface. I ALWAYS wear gloves or else my hands would be on fire! Hi Rikki! I love the jalapeno in there! I LOVE olives! And of course adjust … Removing seeds and membranes takes out some of the heat. I would think it should be fine for at least a few hours. I recommend wearing gloves to do this job! Filed Under: Appetizers Tagged With: Appetizers, bacon, Cream Cheese, finger food, Jalapenos, pinwheels, Your email address will not be published. They’ve been a lifesaver since I can make them ahead of time and they are so easy to transport! You make a jalapeño cream, using your favorite cream cheese and some chopped jalapeño. I don’t buy canned jalapenos so I can’t say how hot they are. If the Jalapeno Poppers Pinwheels aren’t your thing, you can pretty much make these cream cheese tortilla roll ups in any flavor you can imagine. We love how easy they are to transport to the field or a project! Sour cream, mayo, or Greek yogurt can be substituted in some recipes but, would be too thin and make rollups soggy. Get our newest recipes in your inbox PLUS our 7 day cooking guide. In a small bowl mix 4 ounces cream cheese with the jalapenos. Reduces fat cream cheese, or Neufchatel, has more water content and will make the pinwheels too soggy. This looks like a really fun flavor combo – I bet it’d be a huge hit at any dinner party! I’m so happy you all love the recipe so much! Can usually find them at Wal-Mart. Whole family loves them and I use chipotle ranch for dipping sauce. That’s such a great idea! Wrap each tortilla in tightly in plastic wrap. The perfect appetizer for work potlucks, tailgating parties, after school snack…there’s a tortilla roll up recipe for every occasion! And I hope that my men feel the love in every bite. Try this Jalapeno Popper Roll ups recipe! Use homemade (try this, this, or this) or store-bought, whatever you prefer. Roll them up hot dog style (or from the short end), to make a long cream cheese/crescent roll – do this for both crescents; Cut each cream cheese/crescent roll into 12-16 pieces, depending on how big you want your resulting poppers to be. Hi Jen! […] https://www.littledairyontheprairie.com/jalapeno-popper-rollups/ […], […] Jalapeno Popper Rollups from Little Dairy on the Prairie […]. Looks amazing and I cant wait to try my hands on this recipe. They beat a soggy sandwich that’s for sure! Next to that pasture we needed to build pens for handling the cows. Hi Teresa! Maybe rinse them first? I don’t think it would get too soggy as long as you didn’t make it too far in advance. It’s that easy! Thank you so much ! Oh that’s such a great idea! My family goes crazy over traditional jalapeno poppers so I knew these would be a hit! Thanks for the tip on using a grapefruit knife, that sounds like it would be so slick! Then place 1 strip of cream cheese on top of the jalapeno. They are made with canned crescent dough, bacon, cream cheese, garlic powder, green onions, chopped jalapenos, and shredded cheddar cheese. But then you say drop seeded pepper into boiling water…I am confused. This Jalapeno Poppers Pinwheel recipe can be dipped in ranch, or you can eat them plain. They are always a hit, and they are easy! Hope that helps! If you have too much cream cheese mixture you can always make another roll-up. If you use smaller tortillas you will end up with more to roll. Get My Copy. I'd like to receive the free email course. Create these simple jalapeno popper crescent rolls to serve up at any party, game day or as a simple snack! Divide cream cheese mixture into fourths and spoon onto tortilla shells. Jalapeno Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll Ups are just perfect for The Super Bowl! Party Food: JALAPENO POPPER ROLLUPS | My Health Blog, https://www.littledairyontheprairie.com/jalapeno-popper-rollups/. Jalapeno Popper Rollups have been a favorite around here for quite some time now. Summers are busy for everyone! In a small bowl, combine the cream cheese, salad dressing mix, jalapenos and pimientos. Yummy! I love the addition of bacon! Little Dairy on the Prairie is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Love those hints of heat, too! My kids get so tired of sandwiches by about the second week of school so I’m always on the hunt for easy lunchbox ideas! Slice the ham into equal-ish sized slices. Yes Ruth! It will change the amount of rollups you are able to make though! Roll the flatbread up … I live on a dairy with my husband and three boys. You can use any size tortilla you want. I'd like to receive the free email course. Cream cheese doesn't freeze well. These are a welcome change from the same old stuff! Tightly, roll each tortilla up jellyroll style. So many great compliments. For this recipe, you will need two tubes of crescent dough, some fresh jalapeños, a brick of cream cheese… Cream Cheese Ranch Rollups are like cream cheese pinwheels taken to a whole other level. In a medium bowl, combine the cream cheese, sour cream and shredded cheese with a rubber spatula or with a hand mixer (if desired). Bacon is always a good addition! Usually freezing alters the consistency of cream cheese so I wouldn’t recommend it. Saved by The Cookie Rookie. Either way, they’re just so darn yummy. I absolutely love the combination of bacon and jalapeno. Thank you1. And these Mexican Pinwheels are a party favorite! Will try them this long weekend for sure. Remove seeds and membranes from jalapenos. Nothing beats cream cheese tortilla jalapeno roll ups for tailgating! If you leave my house hungry…it’s your own fault! Add sour cream, refried beans, diced tomatoes with chilies, cheese, olives, green onions, bell pepper and cilantro and stir to combine. Separate dough into 8 triangles. you don’t say in the recipe whether you use small or large tortillas!! yum! I am passionate about catching up with each other at meal times. I love roll-ups! What a perfect game day recipe. They are also just right for packing in lunches, tailgating, or as an on the go snack! Although we are in the business of raising cattle, we really are in the business of raising boys. PLUS get our FREE ebook! They can’t! Generously spread the cream cheese mixture all over the place. This roll-up can easily be made the night before & refrigerated to help save time. Drop seeded jalapenos into the boiling water. Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Chicken Serve it with fiesta lime rice , cilantro lime rice or a two bean salad or black bean cucumber salad on the side to make it a meal. Yes! I wouldn’t recommend freezing them because the texture of cream cheese changes textures after it’s been frozen. Hope you love them, Kim :) Thanks for stopping by <3, Um..thank you!!!! Divide the mixture in half, spreading each half evenly in a thin layer on each flatbread. I used 8″ tortillas last time! Once rolled, wrap in saran wrap and place in fridge for a few hours (or place in the freezer for about … Roll up the chicken breasts and place them in the baking dish. Layer with 1/2 oz cream cheese, and then place the strips of half a jalapeno on top of the cream … If you’re looking for something less spicy, green peppers are a great substitute for the jalapeños. You can always designate 2 rollups for them and 2 for you. I’ve left them in the fridge for a few days and they were still tasty though. Your email address will not be published. Let’s cook! So I like to add chopped up olives and some sort of protein to my roll-ups to make them more filling and seem to fill people up better. My love language is food. Just guess, and when it comes to guessing how much cheese I should add to a recipe I always guess a little high! Unwrap and cut each tortilla into eight pieces. Soften cream cheese and place in large mixing bowl. hahaha I appreciate that :). Stir until combined. My middle child has been stuck in the swather, or stuck taking care of the pigs all summer long. Just sayin. I’m a BIG FAN. Roll up tightly; wrap each in plastic wrap. My second shortcut is that whenever I grate cheese, I grate a whole gallon bag full so it’s ready to use at a moments notice. I could eat these for lunch weekly! Hi Angie! If you bring these Jalapeno Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll ups to your next tailgate party, you’re sure to be the MVP. Sometimes minimal ingredients make for the best recipes. I wish my boys could handle a little more heat so I could add just a touch more flavor! Roll them up starting on the LONG end (see photos below). If I make them up ahead of time will they get soggy. Be sure to upload an image below & tag. The good news is that they disappear so quickly you might not even get a chance to freeze them anyway! Then cut into 1 inch slices, jelly roll style. Roll them … Looks wonderful! Enjoy! So make a double or triple batch and watch them fly off the counter when your friends arrive. who can say no to bacon, cream cheese and jalapenos. I use a few of my favorite shortcuts when I make Jalapeno Popper Rollups. Place each one, standing up, on your cookie sheet and bake in the oven for 11-13 minutes. Jalapeno popper roll up is something I would like to try. Repeat with remaining ham. Hi, I’m Becky Hardin. And don’t forget about tailgating, they would be just right thrown in the mix with other football type snacks! jalapeno popper anything is a winning recipe. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper for easy clean up. Could I use homemade pickled jalapenos instead of the fresh? what size are the shells and instead of boiling and softening the peppers could you used diced peppers in a can? Divide cream cheese mixture into fourths and spoon … But this summer they have become a favorite on the go snack. Hi Faye! I can’t wait to try it! Tender crescent roll wrapped up with cream cheese, seasoning shredded cheese, and a stuffed jalapeno. These tortilla roll ups with cream cheese and jalapeno are so easy to pack up and bring to a party because they are served cold (so convenient) and they don’t take up much space. Have a great day! Schotzee56@gmail.com. Bring a pan of water to a boil. I am going to use the jar of jalapeño peppers what would be the same amt. Do you have to boil the peppers? Required fields are marked *. Roll up tortillas. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to two days. Thanks! Tightly, roll each tortilla up jellyroll style. Good luck! fyi – I think the tortillas were left out of the ingredient list :). Stir well to … I haven’t ever tried freezing them before but I don’t think it would work. This is why I love sports…the eating! and I might just keep them for myself. Great suggestion! Using larger tortillas is a little easier, but like I said any size will work. Cut it into sixteenths– half, then another half, then half again, and … You'll also get our FREE ebook: Learning to Cook! I popped mine in the oven at high broil setting for a few minutes each side and that was it. Instructions In a small bowl, combine the cream cheese, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, bacon, and garlic salt. Maybe you could try that for extra flavor for everyone to enjoy. Learn how your comment data is processed. i’m not a football watcher, but i’d certainly eat these during my Netflix binges. Oh my! They are the perfect fun bite-sized spin on ever-popular jalapeno poppers! Jalapeno Popper Rollups are awesome for packing in the kids lunches, or as an after school snack. No need to measure here! 2 packages (8 oz each) cream cheese softened; 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese; 1/3 cup jarred jalapeño slices, diced; 1/4 cup crumbled bacon; 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder; pinch of salt … Preheat oven to 350°F. Or is this just to remove the heat? It’s just to remove the heat. Cream cheese- Use regular full fat cream cheese for this recipe. I usually cook extra bacon whenever I’m making it and use the leftovers in recipes exactly like this one! I usually use 8-9 inch tortillas! excited to try them! Yes! These Jalapeno Poppers Pinwheels are pretty simple. Maybe I should specify that in the ingredient list! I know you will be making these cream cheese pinwheels again and again. I can’t wait for you to try them! Upload an image or tag me @thecookierookie on Instagram! They are tasty! Continue boiling for 3-5 minutes depending on how much heat you want jalapenos to have. Roll from the fat end of the crescent triangle, up and over the fillings until you reach … I need to look for them! You can also use 8" flour tortillas, you'll probably need 6 tortillas. How easy it that? These look amazing Amy. Tortillas - 10" flour tortillas work great. I love that these Jalapeno Popper Roll ups are just the right amount of spicy, but they are still mild enough for everyone at the party. I boil for the full 5 minutes. Yes, I know they sell pre-grated cheese in the grocery store but it just doesn’t taste the same to me so I don’t typically use it. If you can handle the heat go for it! They do perk up when I bring snacks to them! I’m trying to think of a substitution and can’t think of anything that would have the same consistency. I can’t wait to try these. You can use a can of mild diced green chili’s and it shouldn’t be hot. Yes! These look outrageous (in such a delicious way)! I don’t want the winter to come but I am ready for a little slow down. Spread cream cheese mixture in a thin layer onto each tortilla. Want to learn how to make jalapeno cream cheese tortilla roll ups? Pre-made crescent roll dough helps make these appetizers a breeze to make, you can have them prepped and in the oven in under ten minutes! Store in the refrigerator in an airtight container for 2-3 days. I usually end up with 5. These Bacon Jalapeno Crescent Roll Ups are an easy appetizer or dinner recipe that are always a crowd favorite. Instead of regular jalapenos, try Mezzetta Tamed Jalapenos. Yes, I do take the seeds out and the membranes because my family really doesn’t like spicy foods. My middle child hates cream cheese and will still eat these rollups! That would make it easier to spread. This Ham and Cheese Tortilla Roll up is a great recipe to try! The boys love taking in their lunches when they go on motorbike rides in the mountains. It’s one to two cups of shredded cheese. This EASY and quick Jalapeno Popper appetizer recipe is so addicting and gone in minutes from any party. I recently made Ham and Cheese Roll Ups and I knew that I wanted to try a Jalapeno Poppers inspired flavor combination. Sure! My family can't handle spice very well so I've learned a trick for taking some of the heat out of the jalapenos. I don't recommend freezing this appetizer. They’re just tortilla roll ups with cream cheese and jalapeno, plus some bacon and cheese for extra deliciousness. My oldest has been pouring concrete, welding, excavating, and so many other jobs on that project. Corn tortillas can also be used but will alter the texture. This would work great! Jalapeno Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll Ups are just perfect for The Super Bowl! These would be great in school lunches or take along on a picnic! work great and fast. Rinse with cold water to stop the cooking process. Cream Cheese Pinwheels Cream Cheese Roll Up Tortilla Pinwheels Healthy Superbowl Snacks Healthy Dinner Recipes Cooking Recipes Milk Recipes Vegan Snacks Lunch Recipes. Divide up the jalapeno cream cheese between the chickens and place in the middle of the chicken. I use the 8″-10″ tortillas and they work great! Wrap each roll in plastic wrap and place in … When you spread across the Tortillas make sure that you leave two edges with out the spread … Awesome! Roll up very tightly, but carefully so the tortillas don’t tear and seal the edges. These sound divine! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Trim the ends off the roll-ups. These tortilla roll ups with cream cheese and jalapeno are the perfect mix of ingredients, creating amazing flavor. Cheesy jalapeno popper stuffed chicken breast stuffed with diced jalapeño, cream cheese, cheddar jack cheese, scallions and bacon! It gave them an extra crunch that my tastebuds were looking for. I think it just might be! Will b making the jalapino poppers .sounds good…. I haven’t ever tried pickle rollups but they sound amazing! The filling would be delicious in those shells! You can make them ahead of time though which helps! Y’all HAVE been busy… and this sounds like a fantastic refueling lunch or snack for the whole family. Jalapenos- If can handle the heat, leave them raw. The cream cheese is flavored with green chiles, black olives, scallions, cheddar cheese, and spices, then spread on tortillas. Serve immediately. And now you have fun Jalapeno Poppers Pinwheels! Place 2 slices of jalapeno in each triangle. I would probably use about 4-5 Tablespoons of jarred jalapenos. Looks delicious. Serve with dipping sauce of your choice – Ranch dip, Tomato salsa, Queso dip or just by themselves. Boiling the jalapenos for a few minutes takes the heat right out of them! I’m using an 8-10″ shell. They are just right. I haven’t ever tried freezing them before. Taco size (6″) or burrito size (8-10″)? Check the recipe card for full instructions. We are a family on the go too and these would be so perfect for us! Jalapeño Popper Roll Ups are ridiculously easy to make. They are the perfect snack for taking on the boat because they don’t get soggy and because it’s easy to snack on them throughout the day. It’s 1 to 2 cups of grated cheese. Jalapeno Cream Cheese Tortilla roll ups make the perfect easy appetizer for game day, New Year’s, or any party. When ready to serve, cut off the uneven ends of each rollup and cut into ½-inch to 3/4-inch slices. You could use any size shell you have on hand. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Lay tortillas out on a clean work surface. If you don't feel like you have enough mixture you can always make fewer roll-ups.

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