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GRE word lists with mnemonics. Meaning: oblige or help someone; adjust or bring into harmony; adapt; make enough space for; Meaning: approach and speak first to a person. There are many words the book includes that are in the GRE. I searched entire Quizlet and couldn't find a good word preparation list for GRE with mnemonics for almost every word. ab(अब ) di (दी ) CAT which means in Hindi "now given up the cat", imagine you have a powerful cat and you given her to some one. abate= a + bate which almost sounds aa bete in hindi, imagine father sayings his son come(aa) son(bete),come join my business to subside me and reduce my load. we want the hor to go away because we despise it. ABATE=AB+ATE.. "ATE" is the past tense of "EAT".. so When we eat, the quantity tends to reduce or lessen.. Preparation for GRE Learn Words By Mnemonics: D List Dearth insufficient quantity or number. If you still want to learn “Barron’s GRE Word Lists” you can download from given link. Meaning: growth or increase in size by gradual addition; growth; increase; increase by natural growth; Meaning: come to one as a gain; accumulate over time; come about by addition; Meaning: bitterness of speech and temper; ADJ. These mnemonics are specifically designed for people living in countries like Pakistan and India. Meaning: cancel; put an end to, get rid of. abey+dance.. due to delay in dance, audience are angry.. due to abeyance in the show audience are frustrated.. Abe=Abhe, yance=yan: Abheyaan: SO ABATE stands for lessen or reduce or diminsh or slacken, In Hindi sit down means (baith) + ab = ab baith i.e. Now that you know so much about how memory works, it’s time to look into how to learn GRE words with mnemonics. #3 Learn New Words Through Mnemonics. abate, ab+ate— ab( away) from ate, if you will be AWAY from ATE(food) you will REDUCE. Meaning: related to a school; not practical or directly useful, Meaning: additional object; useful but not essential thing. Below, you'll find examples of previous GRE words of the day, along with simple definitions, clever mnemonics, and example sentences. Or Many people generally abhor a bore person. GRE Word Lists. For Example: GRE words with Mnemonics Abase : Meaning : lower; degrade; humiliate; make humble; make (oneself) lose self- Respect Mnemonics : abase-abe(a slang used to degrade a person)+shhh(se)usually an attempt to degrade a person's opinion. A simpler way to say this is, learn words by associating them with pictures. Mnemonics: : abase-abe (a... 2. We may offer full-time employment to deserving interns. a= no, negative, less & base = base, position, grade.. combinedly lessen the position/grade. I, then sent him an email asking for copy for GRE Vocab Capacity: Powerful Memory Tricks and Mnemonics to review in the blog.. due to the mentally disorder doctors want to do immediate operation of the patient. acerbic: bitter; acrid (in taste, manner, or tone), Meaning: slightly sour (in taste or manner); sharp; caustic, Meaning: science of sound; quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in, Meaning: assent; agree passively; comply without protest, Meaning: deliverance from a charge; V. acquit: free from a charge or accusation; discharge from a duty; conduct (oneself) in, Meaning: bitter (to the taste or smell); sharp; bitterly pungent, Meaning: stinging; caustic; bitter in words or manner; N. acrimony: bitter ill-natured animosity in speech or behavior, Meaning: calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics, Meaning: someone who advises insurance companies, Meaning: motivate; activate; cause to act, Meaning: sharpness (of mind or senses of sight or hearing). In this E-book, word is written with normal font, meaning with italics font, mnemonic is given in brackets (….....) and the usage of word with mnemonic is given with red color. Let’s say you want to remember the word “extirpate”. A seemingly pointless and unnecessary pain. A person who drinks beer acts differently from normal guy.. which is deviating for normal. Download Barron’s GRE Word Lists. imagine all these ants moving randomly like a group of honey bees. "Ab nai dictate" means now u hav to giv up. Lalu was asked by his teacher(PD) to pronunce 'A BAT'while teaching cricket in his KG class. These are in-office internship positions at our Gurgaon office with a minimum commitment of 40 hours a week.

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