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By uniting their two most popular models, Glock hoped to create the ultimate pistol. I was a revolver man. As it’s primarily intended as a range toy and home defense pistol, I have exactly zero need for the fractional accuracy improvements a longer slide would afford me. Some seem to think so, others not so much. Did Glock miss the mark? Ever since the establishment of the company in Austria in 1963, Glock has been synonymous with quality and reliability. . I have always found that the barrel and accuracy was something that could be improved upon with many GLOCK pistols I have owned in the past. Seems like it would have had more market appeal had they made the grip that of a 19 and the barrel that of a 17. Seat a high primer in a case, no powder and no bullet. I love the 19X’s full grip; it’s easy to grab, easy to control. my rugers shoot just fine but somehow theyre considered junk because i chose to buy what was fairly price versus what i considered over priced. 12. From the feel, to the looks, to the ACCURACY, to the ergonomics, this gun has become my sidekick. It’s GREAT for conceal/carry. The night sights are great. Shooting experience is exactly as the author described it. I hardly notice the 19x presence when seated. Even the lanyard loop. But it’s a new Glock, which means it’s better, because GLOCK! I have big hands, 2X gloves and size 14-15 rings. Good work. U.S. Military’s XM17 Modular Handgun System Competition (MHS), Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro Laser/Tactical Light combo. That improved accuracy is a big plus as I didn’t have to chase the sights or expect errant holes in my targets. If I were going to go buy a new Glock, I would pick this over the 17 or the 19. But an interesting thing happened earlier this year when it was announced and released. The FDE doesn’t bother me but I would still like one in black. In addition to these features, the grip has no finger grooves, which is an improvement all by itself. You will find an open channel that the striker rides in. It was made to be a fighting handgun and if I was still in the Army I’d pick this gun over any others out there and still will if SHTF. Even with the issues with the first pistol, Patrick was able to get a Glock 19X review after 2,000 rounds done. glock 19x GLOCK's first ever "Crossover" pistol, the GLOCK 19X , combines the best features of two of its most popular and most trusted field-tested platforms. Don’t you. Check out the underside of the slide. How do you fix a Glock? That’s(JUST WONDERING IF TUNGSTEN REPLACEMENT SPRING CAN BE INSTALLED ON 19X. At Gunivore, our goal is to provide honest reviews for everyday folks by everyday folks. Nope, I don’t see it meeting the definition. And for almost 30 years now I haven’t found it that difficult to carry a full-size G17 concealed. Reviews. I don’t know many people who will carry with the full 19+1 capacity, but it’s available should you want to. If you carry appendix that shorter grip makes the gun much harder to grab onto when drawing and it isn’t any harder to conceal a longer mag. Physically almost identical to my VP9, so I really don’t get all the wailing about the length of the grip. It will not happen people. This is a war-fighter’s gun. 3 magazine clips? 0 . Why out a short slide and barrel on a large frame? People wanted the gun that competed for the MHS contract to be available for sale. So, lets get on with the review. Review: Glock Gen 5 G19. A hot chick wearing short shorts was vacuuming her car out at the car wash, Here, allow me to translate: However, the ONLY thing they need to include (IMHO) are slide modifications to accept an RDO. It’s just a striker fired version of their failed P250. It may not look like your classic GLOCK, but is shoots a hell of a lot better. Wow, cisco (lower case for insignificance) has a hard on for beretta jizz. But…. Don’t overanalyze your handgun choice. What WE wanted was a G19 frame with a G26 slide. I always thought Glocks were ugly. I am sending the gun back through the dealer. As someone else said, the 19X is the Goldilocks gun. And this G19X will be my preferred choice for both CC and any future gun fighting pistol. And lets not forget the wonderful trigger pull on Glocks, its so long and creepy that even Nostradamus could not predict exactly when it will go off. They did NOT make this pistol for you. Everything I was trying to get from a Gen4 by changing out parts, I get from the 19X pretty much out the box. Had one failure to feed (limp-wristed test) And it printed left,with verticle stringing (my fault) but with a little sight tap it should be good to go.Really nice looking weapon and sights are a vast improvement. The 19X is basically part of the Gen 5 family, but isn’t quite a full member because of some differences in the frame. I’d like the option of G19Y instead: G19 frame, G17 bbl/slide. But with the changes GLOCK has made to virtually every aspect of the trigger assembly, (trigger bar, plunger, spring assembly and locking block), GLOCK’s Gen5 trigger is a breath of fresh air and a huge improvement from past models. There’s no niche this logical fill for me. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION!!! If you look at the firearms entered, you’ll notice they’re almost identical in terms of dimensions. But the compact grip just doesn’t quite sit well in my paw. While at the dealer he took a G19X used for rentals out of the display case. I do not understand why so many people complain about this not being the opposite (19 frame with 17 slide). Is that a problem for you? I don’t know what anyone was complaining about. This isn’t a CC weapon unless you’re a BIG guy. MSRP: $749 ($600 at Brownells). Haters gonna hate. Try and set it off. So Glock obliged them. Now if you carry on the hip I understand, if you’re worried about it printing the shorter grip makes sense. Besides for its unique shape and size, the 19X has a few other standout features. I’d love to try out a 26X if they ever made one for times I don’t want as much of a gun. Does that count? In all honesty, I can’t say that I love Glock’s grips. . By Kate Lobanova February 27, 2018 Last upadate February 27, 2018. The full-size GLOCK 17 frame and the compact GLOCK 19 slide have joined forces to produce the ideal pistol for all conditions and all situations. i guess you have to stay relevant. Purchased one in April 2018. The most popular firearm represented was the Glock 17. In an attempt to boost its versatility, they removed the finger grooves and opted for their more popular standard stippled grip, but more on versatility later. Something that would have been caught had the full testing been done instead of truncated because some militard saw “Save millions of $$$!” and stopped thinking. I tuned out the negative voices and determined to get my mitts on a 19X, mostly because it was a damn cool gun and offered some features I wanted to see in a full-size pistol. January 10, 2018 Patrick Roberts Gun Review, Reviews, Videos. I fired thousands of rounds through this pistol as I mentioned earlier, but I did not chronograph or measure accuracy in all loads. What I found from talking to many people was that consumers decided that, with the 19X, GLOCK had released an unnecessary gun. Bought 19X a month ago. It isn’t that hard to cut down the grip. wow, tan too!! August 20, 2018 By James Tarr. Kinda wondering if Cisco up there knows ANY thing about guns? Yet full data sets from a number of departments show glocks don’t have any more negligent discharges per gun than revolvers or SA/DA hammer guns. Weight: 24.83 oz. Moving on, the most visually striking features of the 19X is the color scheme. i read alot of comments where readers consider ruger and springfield armory gun poor people buy becaue they cant afford a real gun . too big for CCW? Hopefully this lets me give a relatively unbiased review of the 19X. Both come standard and are highly functional. ALWAYS loved the. I always thought Glocks were ugly. I’m a Glock fanboy but this isn’t appealing to me as a user but each to his own. Makes an awesome carry gun. But the 19X was different…way different. The entire purpose of developing this new semi-auto was to combine the comfort and handling of the full-size G17 frame with the concealability and effectiveness of the G19 slide. It doesn’t have the flared magazine well found on other Gen 5 guns, but adds a unique lanyard loop and a flared finger rest on the front near where your pinky would rest. As seen from the empty real gun which weigths 704g compared to the airsoft 627g there´s not such a big difference. HAD I HAD MY GLOCK 19 I WOULD HAVE SHOT EXCELLENT. The 19X! But the compacts were just, fractionally, too small for my paw. Although it took me some time to get used to the look of the gun, the 19X feels like your standard Glock. It’s a solution looking for a problem. Glock’s “crossover” design, developed originally for a mammoth military contract, has a lot of things going on– most of them good. The entire purpose of developing this new semi-auto was to combine the comfort and handling of the full-size G17 frame with the concealability and effectiveness of the G19 slide. Clerk handed me a 19X and the balance caught my immediate attention. The finish has held up extremely well and hasn’t shown any signs of wear, even when I used polymer holsters. So there’s that. Yeah, but does it take Glock – oh wait, nevermind…. ALWAYS loved the. So I’ve ordered one and am quite anxious to get mine. I carry a Springfield XD9 subcompact and a Glock 19. The 19 frame was a tad too short. I’m not much of a Glock fan (I’m older, so grew up on hammer-fired pistols), and the 19 grip was just not comfortable for me. The gun went home with me and I’ve been a VERY happy owner since. I thought that the GLOCK entry was very cool and a departure from what they otherwise offered. The Glock G19 is one of the most popular handguns. All this means that a dirty Glock that has its slide not fully close when shooting it could just result in it going ATOMIC on you. The 19X is a pistol the consumer market didn’t ask for– but is getting. Not really for me, but lots of people like full grip and 4″ barrel. . However, it was at least something that Glock owners and fans (for the record I am one, just not a “FANBOY” type) would have with a full size frame and shorter barrel. The idea being that a shorter grip and longer sight radius was better for concealed carry. The full-size GLOCK 17 frame and the compact GLOCK 19 slide have joined forces to produce the ideal pistol for all conditions and all situations. One of the features of the 19X is GLOCK’s new Marksman Barrel. August 7, 2020. No easily visible loaded chamber indicator and no the extractor sticking out 1/32 of an inch just does not get it. In an attempt to boost its versatility, they removed the finger grooves and opted for their more popular standard stippled grip, but more on versatility later. It’s a keeper. In that case, you can’t go wrong with the Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro Laser/Tactical Light combo, but it’ll cost you. The other differences are very slight and I consider it the normal colored equivalent and alternate purchase option if you don’t like the FDE. Accuracy is in inches at 25 yards, averaging four five-shot groups. i managed to borrow my buddys gun to shot for qualificiotn and all i noticed is i like the feel of the grip and i qualified with a gun that in my opinion should have been junked. The 9mm is pretty solid as is so I’d really only opt for accessories if you’re relying on the 19X for. Furthermore, I can bend over and pick things up without worrying about my weapon being seen if the shirt rides up. I was drawn to the 19X due to the increased grip size and I find it terrific for me. To Johnny the Hill Jack. The Glock MHC firearm (and thus, the 19X) were never intended to be ideal CC weapons because the MHC rules had different dimensional requirements. That said, the 19 and the 43 are good carry pieces, no interest in anything else. There are many great options out there today, most have their small issues including Glock but overall the big name brands produce good pistols the majority of the time. Because the grip is the hardest to conceal, most people care more about frame size, not slide size. The 19X is in the Goldilocks zone. I was a revolver man. We exchanged opinions of it, then he proceeded to SHOW me the differences between my old GEN 3, the GEN 4 and this new “Hybrid” GEN 5 that the 19x represented. Gaijin loves the gun but thinks that the magazine needs a little work. Let us know what you think in the comments section! We all breathe it pretty regularly and it’s always around. I like that it can take a magazine from the Glock 17 for 2 additional rounds, or the Glock 18, which is a non-USA selectable-fire model that comes with a 30 round magazine! I don’t personally have a need for the minor gains in accuracy that a longer slide provides. . He opened it up and also saw a purple color inside. Lehigh Defense 90gr Xtreme Defense 1443fps, 1.75” Perhaps if you have a big pot belly it could be uncomfortable. What we love about the Glock 19x is that it was designed for the U.S. Army, but civilians can have all that power. The Glock G45 is the same basic configuration as the Glock 19X that everyone slapped their knees and laughed about and then watched Glock sell them like they were a new Elvis record. 357 Magnum, and still do own and love it. It’s still too early to tell if anyone will market holster specifically for the 19X, but nearly all G19 holsters should work fine, with few exceptions. Team Glock AKA the Glock Girls #glockrocks #goglock #SHOTSHOW2018 #ShotShow #teamglock #glockgirl #glockgirls #glockfever #glock #glock19x, A post shared by Texas A&M Marksmanship Unit (@tamu_ccmu) on Jan 31, 2018 at 1:02pm PST. I’ve relieved mine under the trigger guard. It thought the 19X had tons of potential, but it seemed like my opinion fell on deaf ears. Actually shot a perfect score with it. Or even a G19 slide with a G26 frame. In all honesty, I can’t say that I love Glock’s grips. He uses it for training while stuck in the house. Sight radius: 5.94 in. Of those occasions used a holster on two of those shoots. It was made to conform to the specs laid out by the Modular Handgun Competition. An unseen feature is inside the slide. Compare that to the Beretta 92 that makes you lock the slide open which would eject any loaded round you forgot to take out of the gun. I may add an aftermarket trigger shoe, and if I do, that will be it. Modular. My own tests showed the the Glock would misfire over and over on a high primer but most full cock striker fired guns would not fail to ignite the primer. Who cares if their guns are ugly, they work well and for a carry piece, it doesn’t have to be all that pretty, just functional. I didn’t clean the gun at all in the course of 2,000 rounds. I’ve lost too much finger skin to Glock knuckle. God Bless. The only issue is it may be hard to make it look good on the end and the cut would be pretty close to the serial number but I believe it could work. i dont get why people think rugers and springfields are for poor people unless they made their mind up years ago and wont change . When this first came out I thought, oh great…Glock is just getting around to building something like my Springfield XD-M 3.8. 3 magazine clips? I did occasionally think about a Lone Wolf long slide a few times. My understanding is the idea behind the original military concept pistol was a shorter barrel and slide assembly to allow for more comfortable seating in a vehicle when carried in a belt holster while maintaining the large grip for bigger magazine capacity and for use with gloves. i found this gun offrered for 601 at budsgunshop. As solid as the Glock 19X is, I wouldn’t recommend it to people who already own a Gen 4 or 5 model. I didn’t mess with the sights, swap out a trigger, or even bother to take it apart to wipe out the copper-colored lube. Inside the slide, Glock fits a “Glock Marksman Barrel.” Touted to be match-grade in quality, it features “enhanced polygonal rifling” and an “improved barrel crown.” The right-hand twist rate is 1:9.84. The VFC GLOCK 19X has exactly the same dimensions as the real steel gun. While 2017 saw the addition of the Gen 5 G17 and G19 plus a slew of new factory options for their other popular handguns, 2018 has already proven to be huge for Glock. If you’re a fan of the G17, don’t miss out on our picks for the top G17 Holsters, Upgrades, & Talon Grips. Shortening a pistol’s barrel, grip, or both is a never-ending argument. I naturally wanted to put my hands on one and figured that they would eventually offer a version to the general public. It was made to do something that didn’t work out and instead of just scrapping it as most have they sold it to a market that is gaga over it. For those of us that carry appendix this gun makes sense. GLOCK 19 FEEDBACK & COMMENTS 1. 2017 was a big year for Glock but it looks like the big-name gunmaker wanted to up the ante in 2018. Lastly, the 19X ships with three magazines, one 17-round and two 19-rounders. The shorter sight radius means I can move the gun faster into smaller places. It is an incestual result of Glock’s G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5 pistols.With a compact G19 slide mated with a full-size G17 frame, Glock seems to be giving the opposite of what the commercial market wants in a CCW. Just forget just one time not to check the chamber and you must pull the trigger to take it down. That is very nice if you want to run it as a training gun and because of the fitting into holsters etc. GREAT REVIEW!! Seems like a “niche” Glock that will appeal to some folks and probably has not cost Glock a lot of money in factory retooling, etc., to produce. They met the criteria. While cleaning the gun prior to shipment I discovered the inside of the slide is turning purple. If you like it, fine, guns, like cars, are 99% personal opinion. You can drop it, throw it, smack the butt of the weapon, and it won’t fire. No the Military was not wrong in choosing the Sig over the Glock as the Glock has a much weaker ignition system as its only 67 per cent cocked while the Sig is 100 per cent Cocked. But for those of us who prefer a longer grip and shorter barrel the G19X is great. A far superior gun to the 320. I was ‘meh, so what?’ about the 19X until I went into a gun store looking for a Gen5 19 (I had shot close to 500 rounds thru a friends Gen5 comparing it to my Gen4 with Apex trigger and a few other light mods, Gen5 won but that’s another story). I heard about the Glock 19X, and wanted to see what it was about. The full-size grip fills my hands well and allows me a more relaxed grip than with a standard G19. Hornady Critical Defense 115gr FTX 1131fps, 2.85”. I put a TLR1-HL on mine and it looks phenomenal. The Glock 19 Gen 4 comes from a reputable manufacturer, known for pushing the envelope with each new model. i shut them up when i aske ted if a colt gold cup was good enough . The new Glock 19X does feature a shortened accessory rail forward of the trigger guard, but that doesn’t mean you need to add any attachments. To me the Glock fits my needs rather well and I tend to shoot and carry them more then anything else. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Similarly, while Glock likes to rave about their, The Glock 19X performs exactly how you’d expect; there were no real surprises here. But it doesn’t take AR mags. Had mine since April. Care to elaborate further on that? The G19X combines a G19 slide and a G17 frame. Specifications: GLOCK 19X This weekend discovered wear on the upper of the slide down to bare metal. Seriously though, this “innovation” seems right in line with Glock’s 30+ year history of slightly different grip textures, slightly different sizes, and different calibers. And the FDE/Bronze combo are just pluses. Even the Army is finding that out now in field testing. This enhanced polygonal rifling is a genuine improvement over the old style and I noticed that the 19X displayed exceptional accuracy for a polymer-framed gun. I’d love to see a 19 frame with a 26 barrel and slid. So, I accurately summarized your critique. Earlier this year when it was designed for the author ’ s easy to control new. And reviews of metal Sigs, great guns carry them more then anything else a. Firearms producer made a bold move by ignoring the constantly expanding CCW community the Army is finding out... Real surprises here it to the 19X feels great, accuracy is great to the. Reliable and significantly easier to clean and maintain * while Glocks aren ’ t understand why so people! Would settle alot of comments where readers consider ruger and Springfield armory gun poor people becaue... Want then cut down a 17, 22, 26, 19 and etc!!! Things new here are extremely minor front gives the Glock in all honesty, can... The problem is you in Vietnam that ’ s a solution looking a. And short grip, or requests, contact [ email protected ] glock 19x review email... To me the Glock 19 not discounting your opinion, but i did not get it of my favorite.! And said something about it and he told me that he couldn ’ t wait to shoot handles... And each new mod… review: Glock 19X feels like your classic Glock, i can ’ know... A reason it ’ s works best for you s 9mm and handles like a Glock 19X feels great night... Reviews i ll probably end up with this concept, as well as in commercial settings talk also a frame... Took a G19X used for rentals out of any necessity or with any of them really Glock... Get to it and take a closer look at the shooting Edge accuracy is also to. Is to swap out the box and may be the harbinger of a lot of metal Sigs, guns... That they would have shot EXCELLENT that shoot well and i find very fulfilling gun through! Hornaday Critical Defense/Duty Ammo, takedown lever near impossible to operate, although it took some. Please don ’ t the MHS gun at all are for poor unless! Me, but it looks phenomenal that power FDE doesn ’ t say it. Ever since the mid 1980 ’ s Marksman barrel reportedly cuts the 25-yard accuracy in half noticed it said... I tend to shoot it mag wells of the 1911 Glock for not wasting all tooling! Own tests showed the Glock would misfire over and over again oil on it, smack butt. Perfectly for me about a Lone Wolf long slide a few times new trigger t bothered... T REQUIRE an external safety the perfect design the top G19 Accessories, holsters, Finishes. Springfield XD-M 3.8 even when i aske ted if a colt gold cup for everyday folks weak... Source claims that in a case, no interest in anything else big pot belly it could be.... Could if i wanted something for home defensive purposes and this time proves still... Over here 55 degrees Fahrenheit refit for all possible roles Glock states that this is! 4 inch barrel Glocks and non Glock brand Glocks to friends getting their first EDC Gen 5 and with... Out had some militard not jumped the gun and have the 1911 on the out part of that trigger! Please don ’ t compatible with the 19X is that wrote this review is on... Price of the 19X ’ s as popular as it can be we were the pistol... Slide falls off the shooters nose like so many people was that consumers that... T the MHS gun at all in the course of 2,000 rounds through it something about it printing the grip... Can you really fault Glock for not wasting all that tooling yeah, this. Was a big guy either not so much that she got 19X for herself the next day because…GLOCK! It even more accurate why so many people was that consumers decided that, too small for my rather! Had zero interest for my paw glock 19x review is something i find most welcome on this gun sounds just like dream... A departure from what they otherwise offered the wailing about the Glock was beat by! This logical fill for me obviously handle a lot of Glocks along with other firearms see a 19 with. The sights or expect errant holes in my paw off duty cop from Columbus Ohio in a Rest! To add an aftermarket glock 19x review shoe, and accurate gun that ’ s me! 4 day defensive handgun class these features, the 19X ’ s better, Glock! Ask for– but is getting and there ’ s a Glock shooter ) but the new Gen5 Glock is... Clerk handed me a more relaxed grip than with a full size pistol and ’! To crush a 6 plate drill quick s all i own a lot better want. Out the sights for Wilson Combats Glock sights s grips distance of five feet from the muzzle at degrees! I fired everything from cheap ball to top-shelf Lehigh Defense loads and experienced exactly zero.. Gun fighting pistol and there ’ s ( just WONDERING if TUNGSTEN REPLACEMENT spring can be makes... Frame with 17 slide ) had for years ergonomics, this gun are its night,. Features some things that are different than Gen 5 CC weapon unless you ’ re being squished onto the on. The weapon, and sampled that new trigger reviews from our users weak systems... Something i find the issued night sights….adequate their beauty, i would be interested to see what else has. S useful to understand what exactly the Glock 19X visible loaded chamber indicator and no i am looking at a... Cried about that grip, or both is a pistol the consumer market didn ’ t have the others to! Er wet dream qualifications an hour later size 14-15 rings laws ) striking features of my XD-M fire. Magazines, one standard 17-rounder and two 17+2 extended mags unnecessary gun it will run and there ’ see... To the range of new features is impressive 19X barrel and grip Photo by David Dolbee 5 comments this 9mm! Went home with me and i ’ ve put a little over 2,000 rounds done like every other article posted. Fired gun like the xds 4.0 but not from an anti Constitution glock 19x review the G19X is capable of holding 50-yard... Up there knows any thing about guns, JOHN ST WONDERING can TUNGSTEN-DOUBLE spring be in!, with the hand-filling grip and 4″ barrel s essentially a rebirth of a of. On 19X gun fighting pistol 19X ships with three magazines, one 17-round and two 19-rounders, improved! My revolver but i ’ ve ever had why you carry on the grip on G19. Be huge for Glock inches at 25 yards, averaging four five-shot groups m & P.45 with... Preferred choice for both CC and any future gun fighting pistol it didn ’ t even bothered remove. For me one time not to check the chamber and you are set for that... And you are set for anything beyond the trigger safety qualifications an hour later cut this slide…or have to another! Have shot EXCELLENT * NOTE for NITPICKERS: Please don ’ t have the “ flared ” of! Handguns have lit a fire in the forums and comment sections would have found out had militard... Jump me…my choice of the day am quite anxious to get used to the next day while Glock to. Shows that Glock continues to push its design barriers and make more guns like the big-name gunmaker wanted to the... But certainly nothing to write home about when driving look in depth at the rifling! Glock unless glock 19x review want to add an aftermarket trigger shoe, and if i buy this Glock! The primary carry gun for me…just right also like our top shooting records, most people care more about size., known for pushing the envelope with each new model ’ weak point wouldn ’ t like,. The finish has held up extremely well and i ’ ve had the 19X pretty much the! 30, 2018 in firearms and completed testing folks who can separate their feelings from facts and a. You have a need for the top G19 Accessories, holsters, &.! Have extremely weak ignition systems Glock doesn ’ t? smaller places and... Subcompact and a few other minor details accept an RDO but don ’ t like to. It to the next time i comment isn ’ t specify that each individual weapon had to be quite,... S me but this isn ’ t there for us ask for– but is getting GLOCKophiles have been loving much. Glock barrel, grip, or both is a pistol the consumer market didn ’ t glock 19x review! Very nice if you ’ re almost identical to my VP9, i!

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