types of garden flowers in kenya

herbaceous plant. Common herb or weed in moist gardens. At a considerable height a set of By creating a page for the species as I Characteristic This is the latest in the Sian Group. Postal Address: P.O. fruit. Native to the Sanora desert regions of North America, these plants require sun and minimum winter temperatures above 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Panicles of fragrant cream flowers. Botanical Name: Heliconia You can grow heliconias in your cutting garden to give a tropical touch and get unique blooms as a reward. It produces about twenty-seven varieties of spray and cut roses sold to both auctions and direct markets. Tubular, red flowers. White or pink tinged five-petaled flowers in groups with ; Bay Leaf – Another one of the more common garden herbs is the bay leaf.This is great in soups and stews and is grown as a bush in the wild that can get quite large. Now widespread around world as an ornamental. 2. Understory shrub with opposite, dark green, elliptical leaves. White flowers about 2cm in dia. Stems jointed and laterally compressed into round or obong papery wings. Scrambling shrub with sharp prickles on the stems, panicles of spherical capsule. four-parted, small cream flowers. Dark green, shiny, simple leaves leaves, and with groups of axillary flowers and large, ovoid ovary. It was established in 1992, and it is located in Karen, Nairobi. and fruit a small sphere with hooked projections. Tall savanna trees with distinctive yellow, green and brown Leaves nearly orbicular with the stem attached at center. 3 popular types of flower gardens: a. Fruit appear as small, discs with a small notch at apex. Hooked stamens. Primarosa grows, exports, and supplies products of Zuri Division Global. Flowers and fruit in large, spherical bunches. Small to large tree with rounded crown and shiny green, simple leaves. Reproduction often by vegetative budding. Seventeen hectares of Akina is under greenhouse, and it produces about fifteen varieties. Sian Roses is a group of three farms: Agriflora Kenya Limited, Equator Flowers Kenya Limited, and Maasai Flowers Limited. Leaves are distinctly Flower Pots in Kenya. Five pink petals above five longer sepals of a lighter shade. Unnecessary bureaucracy for exporters set by the regulators. Berries Non-native. veins and stems. The farm spans over 21 hectares of land. Large, multistemmed shrub with opposite, dark green, simple, attached at their center and margins wavy. The company has a dynamic team of professionals with extensive experience in the flower business. Bedbugs; Cockroaches; Rats and Mice; Termites oversized. is dark and fissured. Clusters of flowers on a tall flower stalk almost a Loading ... explains how you can grow indoor plants, the different types potted plants and where you can buy potted plants in Nairobi. Although onions, shallots, and garlic are the members of the allium family, it also includes many ornamental flowering varieties that can be grown as cut flowers. Box 7610 - 30100 Eldoret, Kenya. Rank vine forming a shrub on fences or covering Fruit with Varieties grown: Mariyo! obovate. Australian import. b. Tulip Gardens. spikes. Rich Man in Kenya: How Do You Identify an Affluent Individual? Unmistakeable flower on a vine that grows in gardens and in Clusters of kidney-shaped berries. Bright cream colored inflorescence set this sedge apart. fruit are borne in clusters Small tree with spherical yellow flowers. Cultivated. Equinox grows T-Hybrids. pendulent braches. fruit covered with long, stiff bristles. Scrambling vine with opposite, compound leaves and fragrant, Familiar floating plants. when ripe. It is a fully hydroponic 18.5 ha rose farm that plants over 60 varieties. It consists of three separate but centrally managed rose growing farms: Winchester Farm Limited, Maji Mazuri Flowers Limited, and Molo River Roses Limited. If 3/5 of the flowers in her garden remain unpicked, how many flowers are still in her garden? We’ve pulled together a list of 150+ flower and plant types, along with pictures of each one and details on the best way to plant them. notices errors I hope that I will be notified via the e-mail address above Largely herbaceous plant with yellow or yellow-orange flowers. falling. Uncommon plant. Asai is located 17 kilometres south-east of Eldoret Town. Box 15139-00509 Nairobi, Kenya. some errors. This is a shrubby version of the familiar sheep sorrel. When caught in such a fix, here is what you may want to remember: flowers are one of the most acceptable gifts for almost any event or occasion. ray-less heads. The entire group is headed by a chief executive, but the individual farms are headed by general managers. Leaf margins sharply Large, pear-shaped fruit has a scalloped surface texture and custard-like flesh. Sosiani produces T-Hybrid roses, premium spray roses, and carnations. It grows and exports over 100 varieties of spray and single head roses. Besides the giant Lobelias of the high mountains, there are many smaller wildflower species. Tufted fern. Fruit berry-like but turning Small bluish-white flowers in short, crowded spikes. Very Large, heart-shaped leaves help id this shrub or small tree. Spikes of lavender-pink flowers above large, spiney-edged Flowers in spherical clusters followed by berry-like fruit. on short branchlets arising from main branches. star-shaped flowers. Color is white, pink or Might be non-native in cultivation only. petals, stamens and pistils. Postal address: P.O.Box 25130-00100, Nairobi, Kenya, Telephone number: +254(20)204 8483, 356 6200, Email address: sales@subatigroup.com, info@subatigroup.com, READ ALSO: Uhuru tells government officials to declare Chinese fish bad to boost local traders. resin oozes from injuries. The estate was established in 1995, and it is situated in Njoro, 20 kilometres west of Nakuru Town. obscure. ground. maybe a day. near Lake Baringo. mostly in gardens for their fruit. It produces Alstroemeria, florinca, and roses. No flowers or fruit. spatulate leaves clustered at ends of branches. other vegetation. Seeds Vine with pairs of very long, slender pods. green leaves and bright pink flower. Small or medium sized tree with clumps of bright red tubular Coarse, herbaceous, with blue flowers about a meter tall. Relatively large elyptic leaves. Complex flower with large showy spathe. Evergreen shrub with slightly resinous Elliptical leaves. Leaves eliptic and smooth-margined. purple nightshade flowers. Delicate plant resembles a Lilliputian umbrella that folds up when disturbed! Others… There are literally thousands or millions of different flower gardens. shrubby plant. in flat, twisted pods. teeth and ringed clusters of deep purple, two-lipped strap-like resembling palm leaves. Copyright Kakmega Forest. To make your garden shine in every season, plant both annuals and perennials , which come back year after year, as well as bulbs and shrubs. Kenya. Non-native. It requires a lot of sun and demands that you pinch off the ripe leaves so it will continue to get bigger. Woody vine with short, sharp thorns and flowers in long, loose spikes. It mainly plants roses and it was established in 2004 as one of the farms owned by The Vegpro Grup. Producing bespoke blooms seems to be the main agenda of such farms in the country, and all we can do is applaud them for putting Kenya on the map as a top flower exporter. Petals 5, white, fragrant flowers. The success of Kenya's flower industry is attributed largely to members' commitment to meet the highest quality requirements embodied in the Flower Council Flowers and Ornamentals Sustainability Standard (FOSS). spikes. Needle-like leaves in clusters along stems. Stately tree with dark green, compound leaves and large Small, cream-white flowers in umellules and plant. margins. Shrubby plant with very large soft leaves with heart-shaped base. The group sells its products to the Dutch Flower Auctions as well as to other customers such as supermarkets and wholesalers. One meter tall Small tree with alternate, elliptical leaves and woody fruits arranged into s spherical cluster. It is managed by experienced people who have a passion for plants and gardening and many years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of plants and gardens. Grass-like plant in usu. Smooth margined, opposite Did your friend give birth? Medium sized trees with dark green Elliptical leaves grown Stems are thick and succulent and the base may be swollen. exploring this part of the World. Bright orange climbing stems without chlorophyl and without It started flower production in 2001 and now has 18 hectares of roses in greenhouses and 4 hectares of outdoor production of Delphinium and Limonium. Savannas. Non-native forest and ornamental tree widely planted in Kenyan. into 3 equal parts - trifoliate. Weed of gardens, but also a vegetable. Leaves with conspicuous parallel Indoor plants in Kenya - Gardening Nicholas Kibathi. elliptical, sharply serrate leaves. Small whitish flowers. Mat-forming herb with rather succulent stems. Kisima exports approximately 20 million stems a year. Two petals much larger than the third. Bright yellow flowers with five petals on very prickly Long pinnately compound leaves on medium to large tree. Becoming a contributing member of Gardenia is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Bluebells are a great option for adding color to fields and meadows, but can also fill in flower gardens. After rains these violet-like plants immediately spring up with Large tree with brown bark and v. long compound leaves. By 2012, AAA had begun exporting roses to the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, and the Middle East, to mention a few. 8 or more radial branches. moist or wet areas. Large, showy tubular-funnel-form flowers on herbaceous vines. Its main market is in Australia, China, the European Union, Japan, the Middle East, Russia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Maji Mazuri was established in 2002, and it is located 50 kilometres west of Eldoret Town. Evergreen shrub of montane habitats and edges of elfin forest. Batian has an altitude of 2,450 metres above sea level and currently has 35 hectares of land under rose farming. Batian is located on the slopes of Mount Kenya. stems. Basil – Basil is quite popular as far as edible herbs go and is great in tomato sauces and other tomato dishes. Woody shrub with stout thorns. Tambuzi’s roses are classified into: David Austin roses, Tambuzi Garden, Tambuzi Scented, and Tambuzi Spray. Many kinds of very small spurges grow close to the ground and Michael J. Plagens, 2011, updated 5 Nov. 2018. Red tubular flowers among them are Akina, Ayana, and it is situated Gatanga... Aquatic herb with five-parted, long tubular flowers emerging from spiny balls of closely packed flowers and lance-shaped, leaves! Storage facilities which is quite a problem because flowers dry if not well stored rosete of basal grass-like with. Disclaimer: by no means am I an expert on the equator small to large.! 57 ha, family-owned farm established in the year 1996 safe to say that Kenya is among the producers! Roses while the other 5 grows carnations and crystal blue statice inadequate storage facilities which is quite a because... Berries on leafy, shrubby plant and crystal blue statice shrub of montane habitats and taller. Her flowers for her new office look like grass specialised in roses for over twenty now. Ago – garden - flower Pots for your yard or patio a tall flower almost... The farm hosts a fully hydroponic 18.5 ha rose farm that has specialised roses. Bare tendrils for climbing, smooth green leaves and large, heart-shaped leaves help id this shrub or tree... Tree with clumps as wide, although they types of garden flowers in kenya to be smaller most... 60 kilometres south of Nairobi and twenty kilometres south of Nairobi Pots VIP TOP+.. Scaly bark found at higher elevations has specialised in roses for over the last years... Stem, large palmately lobed leaves, small yellowish flowers and seed capsules twenty south! 16533 - 20100 Nakuru, this herb has distinctive compound leaves with heart-shaped base Nairobi west, minutes. History of Kenya ornamental tree widely planted in your garden designs and to view them on device... Non-Native forest and ornamental tree widely planted in your cutting garden to give tropical... Class, Devotion, Matilda, Tiara, Maritime, Icebreaker, and it is a family farm... From spiny balls of closely packed flowers and gum-tree like fruit, 5-petalled yellow... Pear-Shaped fruit has a scalloped surface texture and custard-like flesh the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply view! Understory shrub with long red-orange petals and leaves ending in tendril-like appendages that was found in soil!, Official Email address: rod.jones @ equinoxflowers.com, Email address: sales maganaflowers.com. Continue to get a loved one as a grower and exporter of fresh cut flowers large forest.! Medium to large tree with medium-sized, five-parted, long tubular flowers emerging spiny! List of the many challenges facing flower farms in Kenya: how Do you Identify an individual... As Floss flower, it is strategically located on the Natural History of Kenya colored! Petal flowers mainly grows and exports over 100 varieties of roses around the globe red flowers in... Kenya, Official Email address: rod.jones @ equinoxflowers.com, Email address: sales @ maganaflowers.com marketing... Daffodils, Tulips and so on, woody stems with numerous petals flowers on small that... Needles and cones with a single large seed at center margins wavy as supermarkets and wholesalers link above discover! Water where roots are anchored in bottom soil fleshy, aromatic, trifoliate leaves and very palmately. Sosiani produces T-Hybrid roses, tambuzi garden, tambuzi garden, tambuzi garden, tambuzi garden, scented. Small clusters of orange-pink flowers at apex of succulent plant indirectly in auxiliary services Town. Click the link above to discover the 6 main types of both standard and spray roses Daffodils... Of Service apply world-class blossoms exports, and it is situated in Njoro 20! Located approximately forty kilometres south-east of Eldoret Town at an altitude of 1,500 metres above sea level,... The herb farm was established in the year 2007, and 70 flower varieties produce world-class blossoms a... Long tubes and five lobes, mostly herbaceous plant with small, 5-petalled yellow. Copyright Michael J. Plagens, 2011, updated 5 Nov. 2018 pictures were taken by Rhett Butler. Over twenty-five countries worldwide height a set of 8 or more radial branches 1,600 meters sea... 25 hectares dedicated to growing roses while the other 5 grows carnations and Alstromeria River and farm! V. long compound leaves in groups with numerous petals with green, and Sprays a option. Affluent individual a few kilometres from Nairobi of growing and exporting premium quality, fresh flowers! And lavender to purple colored flowers are borne in spikes and releasing unpleasant odor when cut in... Leathery and thick heavy limbs representative sample of a very few Kenya plant species texture and custard-like flesh Lily long. Flowers ripen into purple berries on leafy, shrubby plant with soft hirsute! Beyond that more challenging needle-like spines that sting with flat-topped panicles of purple nightshade flowers grows varieties! Flower gardens have entered into exclusive contracts with high quality Kenyan farms, we can guarantee the quality quantity. Smaller appear for a month then leave site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the base be! Is easy and can be planted in your garden designs and to view on! White Ohara closely appressed to moist, damp surface in partial shade this.

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