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Ballistic Evo2 Battery 4 Cell. to terminals. Please click Accept … The BALLISTIC performance components 4 cell EVO2 battery weighs less than a pound. Available Evo2 batteries include a 4 cell, 8 cell, 12 cell, 16 cell and 16 cell … My FE has had a Shorai for 1 year with no issues. • Machined from 11 GA (Box) and 7 GA (Clamp) HRPO steel and shipped unfinished. Maybe you have too. Height at the back of the battery: Yuasa 4 5/16", Ballistic 3 3/4". Ballistic Performance 4 Cell LiFePO4 Starter Battery Ballistic Performance Batteries have 3-4 times the energy density of a lead acid cell. A hard short will cause cell please check the following: damage and in extreme cases melt down, rupture, or combustion. I emailed Ballistic and site unseen they immediately sent me a new battery. Ballistic Performance 102-040 Evo3 Lightweight Lithium-Ion Battery 4 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Ballistic Performance 102-040 Evo3 Lightweight Lithium-Ion Battery When I read the instruction manual that came with the battery, it called for using the next size up (12 cell) in cold weather. 5 years to be exact. Ballistic Generic Battery Box. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a … I bought a 4-cell Ballistic Battery for my track/race R6 back in Oct. 2011, I used it without issue that month and put my bike away for the winter season. My stock battery is getting old. So, a word to the wise, get the bigger ballistic battery … 4 Cell EVO2 Battery Yuasa Battery Dimensions Ballistic Battery Dimensions YB5L-B 4.7" (L) X 2.3" (W) X 5.2" (H) 2.5” (L) x 2.5” (W) x 4.25” (H) YB7-A 5.3" (L) X 3.0" (W) X 5.2" (H) 2.5” (L) x 2.5” (W) x 4… Pulled the bike out of the garage after being dormant for a few months, washed it off, excited for a quick ride, and then things got interesting! Browse the top-ranked list of 4-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery below along with associated reviews and opinions. I would like to hear about your problems. Product Description. Recently the battery … Ballistic Performance Components recommended a 12 cell EVO2 battery for my 2010 BMW R1200 GS Adventure. ... Have a 4 cell ballistic in the '67 Daytona, no problems. This battery is robust, impact resistant, water resistant, and has more starting punch than 90% of all the powersports lead-acid batteries available. 1) If you are using the smallest battery possible for your bike to save weight (for example for race use a 4 cell in a 600cc bike, or an 8-cell in a 1000cc bike) you … This Limited Lifetime Warranty extends only to the End User who purchased the product from an authorized dealer of Ballistic products or the Ballistic website … Now I have a first Gen Ballistic 12 cell EVO for my 999. Hi all, I've had some problems with Ballistic Batteries. Welcome to Ballistic Parts! It would fire my bike up faster than any other battery … Let me tell you about what just happened to me. 95 $ 41. This battery … Great battery IMHO, producing over 270cca(the new EVO2 produces over 360cca). All battery boxes are made by Billet Proof Designs, here in the USA, so feel free to e-mail us any questions about the install. May have reduced the price now. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Ballistic Performance - 100-010 - Evo2 Performance Battery, 4 Cell at the best online prices at eBay! The 8 Cell Ballistic Performance Components EVO2 Battery … As a result, Ballistic Performance Component Batteries will provide more energy out of a smaller package while requiring almost no regular maintenance and under most conditions a longer service life than existing lead acid batteries. … Ballistic Battery Technical Information The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Ballistic D51 Optima Battery Box. Ballistic Performance Component Batteries use the latest, state of the art lithium ferrous energy storage technology available to provide you with a smaller, lighter, higher energy battery. Gonn'a need about 1/2" of something to fill in at the top. Save Share. So, to fill in the empty space, I used the pliable packing form that the Ballistic battery … DENAQ - 4-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery for … Ballistic Evo2 Battery Extension Kit. Page 2 Abuse or physical damage of any kind including damage not met. Ballistic Odyssey 65-PC1750 Battery … Ballistic Performance Battery 8 cell … Regular price $59.99 View. I did not charge it at all and in the spring it would not hold a charge. for %Ballistic Performance Evo2 Performance Battery 4 Cell 100-010. yes, we have”%Ballistic Performance Evo2 Performance Battery 4 Cell 100-010″ here. When offering the same cranking power, the Ballistic Performance battery … This will make you have a pretty good view of Ballistic. You can buy %Ballistic Performance Evo2 Performance Battery 4 Cell 100-010 Shops & Purchase Online.. The Ballistic Performance Components EVO3 line of batteries is the most comprehensive line of Lithium-Ion batteries on the market with 32 different case sizes and power output options to insure you have the lightest, most powerful starter battery … Most motorcycles in this range use an OEM battery that weighs up to 10.7lbs. It is still OK, but I want to go Lithium. Ballistic Evo2 Battery Foam Adapter. Now, in all fairness, I purchased the 8 cell battery, which is what the chart in the catalog listed for the Tiger. The Ballistic Performance Components 8 Cell EVO2 Lithium Ion Battery is state of the art battery technology. After speaking with Ballistic, the owner himself replaced my 12 cell battery with the 16 cell battery. Why put a lead acid battery that was designed in the 1800's in your modern machine? Dimensions of finished Battery … Universal Fit Universal Fit parts can be installed on various motorcycles and may require modification. This worked ok but still had some problems when the temperature dropped below 35 F. On a recent long distance trip (Iron Butt ride), the 16 cell battery … Each Ballistic Performance Component Battery … o Applications not listed on the Ballistic website or using the EVO Battery … I am eyeballing the Ballistic EVO2, and I know the rec Regular price $49.99 View. Fits Ballistic EVO3 EVZ7-4/8/L 4 or 8 Cell batteries. offers the best prices on Ballistic Performance EVO2 12V Battery 4 Cell for Motorcycles (Part#100-010) with fast shipping and excellent customer … 8. 4. Antigravity Small Case 12-Cell 360CA Lithium Ion Battery $ 219. NGK Spark Plugs - Special Types $ 2. • This battery box is intended for use with Ballistic EVO3 EVZ7 - 4/8/L (4 or 8 cell) Ballistic Battery using a thick metal clamp to secure the battery … Ballistic Evo2 Battery Foam Adapter - The size difference between the YTX30L-BS and the 16 Cell EVO2 is extreme so Ballistic … Features -The 4 Cell EVO2 is designed for use in multi-cylinder applications of less than 550cc and racing applications of up to 600cc where weight is the primary consideration -The 4 Cell … 25. Main Results. 99. Ballistic EVO3 Lightweight Lithium-Ion Battery, 8 Cell zx6r zx900 zx7 er6n ninja 1 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Ballistic EVO3 Lightweight Lithium-Ion Battery, 8 Cell … lighter than the stock battery … These Ballistic Performance Components Batteries offer a smaller, lighter, higher energy battery … Up to 80% smaller than the stock battery Up to 10lbs. This battery box is intended for use with an EVO3 EVZ7 - 4/8/L (4 or 8 cell) Ballistic Battery using a leather belt or a velcro strap to secure the battery to the box itself. Maybe the problem is the Ballistic battery, not Lithium batteries in general.

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