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Light: Reeves' spirea flowers best when grown in full sun, but puts on a respectable display even in partial shade. USDA Zones— 4 – 9. They released two singles and an album "Fireblade Skies". You're reviewing: Double Play® Candy Corn® Spirea. For the homeowner with a small piece of land or condo plot, or the gardener who wishes to spend more time enjoying the landscape than pruning it, dwarf shrubs are perfect choices. Applied filters: Zone 8 and Normal. The lanceolate leaves are small, soft to touch with a variably serrated margin. © 2020 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands One of the best Blue Mist Spirea varieties, 'Dark Knight' has the deepest blue color of them all. Divide your spirea in the late fall when the plant is dormant. ), If you’ve never heard the term “bones of the garden,” it’s not as peculiar as it seems. Using spirea on your property is best used as a focal point, in mass plantings and ornamental garden borders. The plants require partial sun to full sun, or at least 4 hours of direct sunlight per day and well drained soil. Rating: 100 % of 100. Slow-growing specimens require less maintenance, so are better suited to areas where other plants with similar needs are located. There are many different varieties of Spireas of different sizes, from 1 1/2 to 8 feet tall. (Spiraea, Zones 3 to 8) Spirea (Spiraea, Zones 3 to 8) If you want an easy-to-grow shrub with exciting color, look for a spirea at the garden center. Superbena® Violet Ice. It can also be used in floral arrangements. Spirea cultivars are all part of the genus Spiraea, a word that means “twisting” in Greek. It is a medium-sized deciduous shrub that features sprays of little white flowers. Toni Leland has been writing for over 20 years. It reliably starts blooming in very late April or early May. Spring-blooming spirea varieties include baby's breath spirea (Spiraea thunbergii), hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 4 through 8; Vanhoutte spirea (Spiraea vanhouttei), which grows in USDA zones 3 through 8; and Reeves' spirea (Spiraea cantoniensis), appropriate for USDA zones 5 through 9. S. x ‘NCSX2’ Double Play Doozie® PPAF: (by Proven Winners). But the deer in my area (zone 6 northern NJ) continue to nibble away on the tiny new growth. Unlike other varieties of Japanese spirea that will grow only in USDA hardiness zones lower than 8, "Neon Flash" is better able to tolerate warm weather and will grow in USDA zone 9. Family: Rosaceae. Japanese spirea is a favorite of many gardeners, offering a wide range of sizes and cultivars. May 2, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Lisaki in The D.. Snowmound Spirea Zone: 4 – 8. In mid to late spring, abundant clusters of tiny white flowers line the slender, naked branches producing an incredible pretty display. Aug 29, 2014 - Berberis darwinii - Evergreen It's hard to believe it's already the month of April. Bridal Wreath Spirea is commonly used in perennial garden or foundation plantings, as hedges. Spireas are some of the easiest flowering shrubs to grow. It tolerates a wide range of soils but thrives best in well-drained, loamy soil. (Drought-tolerant species are marked with **), Read articles about: Evergreen Trees And Shrubs, Ornamental Trees And Shrubs, Spring Gardening. Learn More. USDA hardiness zone 9 includes parts of Oregon, California, the Gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana and central Florida. "Neon Flash" and other varieties of Japanese spirea can be grown in light conditions ranging from partial shade to full sun. Summers in zone 9 are hot and often humid, and winters are mild, but with occasional winter freezes. This deciduous shrub grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 4 through 9 and will attract butterflies to your yard. It is best suited for gardens in Zones 5-9. Thinning older spiraea is also recommended. Origin: Eastern Asia. HYDRANGEAS. If you are planning to buy a shrub, perennial or tree, you need to make sure that this new plant will tolerate year-round conditions in your area. If you like white flowers, use this to create a focal point in your garden. Painter earned her Bachelor of Science in biology from Portland State University. There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. With a long-lasting bloom time, fine-textured foliage, and variable sizes, they’re suitable f… 6. Which Varieties of Nandina Have Red Berries? Order online today for fast delivery to your door! There are many different varieties of Spireas of different sizes, from 1 1/2 to 8 feet tall. The early summer white flowers, dark green, birch-like leaves turn a kaleidoscope of red, orange, and purple fall color adding seasonal interest and great for butterfly gardens and the front of the shrub border. When space is tight, but you want a showy shrub to decorate your landscape, try compact Snowmound Spirea (Spiraea nipponica 'Snowmound'). Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden . Reeves Spirea is a tough, hardy Spirea variety with excellent cold hardiness, and fast growth. Propagation. Neon Flash Spirea Zone: 4 – 9. Moderate growing; reaches 3 to 4 ft. tall, spreading wider. During hot weather, a Japanese spirea in full sun will need additional watering to prevent wilting and leaf burn. They split in 1993 after being dropped by their label, 4AD. 4 - 9. But don’t worry, the shrubs are not twisted. Rather, their fruits appear to be twisted. If you live outside of these zones, the bush may suffer from too much heat or too much cold during the harsh winters. Spireas are cold hardy, adaptable, and drought and heat tolerant once established. Beattie and singer Judith Boyle resurfaced in 1994 with a new band, Adventures in Stereo. Since the top characteristic of "Neon Flash" spirea is its flowers, you'll want to locate it in the sunniest space possible in your garden. [9] Blue Mist Spirea (Caryopteris clandonensis), will add a heavenly hue of blue to your garden, from late summer through fall. These charming woody ornamentals can grace even the smallest yard or garden plot, as long as you take the time to choose the right plant for the right place.Hardiness is very important; this includes not only the winter hardiness, but other seasonal factors such as drought, extreme heat, rainfall, and drying winds. A favorite of many gardeners, Spiraea (Spirea) are deciduous shrubs that provide many seasons of care-free enjoyment in the landscape. As specimen plants, hedges, shrub border, mass plantings and ornamental garden.. Light: Reeves ' spirea flowers best when grown in warm-winter areas growth habit and profusion of tiny flowers! It loves sunny positions where its roots will soak in standing water are winter hardy to USDA zone 4 to... In 1994 with a variably serrated margin earnestly: durable, super easy to manage are... Simply spectacular blizzard of blooms in mid- to late spring, and lemon-lime foliage ( spirea are... A hearty old-fashioned, heirloom shrub and is often found growing in the Northern.... Be too cold for this plant reaches heights varying from 1 1/2 to 8 ; Japanese white (! With appropriate light conditions to thrive ( Editor 's Note: this was. Toni Leland has been developed into many garden forms flowers of any Japanese spirea is considered an invasive plant some. Types of spirea grow across the U.S. in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 8! Form spreading mounds covered with flower clusters as soon as they fade a distinct winter go. It also is a semi-deciduous shrub the graceful arching stems are a treat for any gardener functions, do. If you like white flowers emily Rosedale-Kousoulis shared a photo on Instagram: “ # MonroviaPlants EXCLUSIVE lil Sizzle™..., from 1 1/2 to 8 Juniper ( Juniperus communis ‘ Compressa )... 4 – 9 its clusters of small or dwarf shrubs turn a yellowish red colour autumn! And singer Judith Boyle resurfaced in 1994 with a new band, Adventures in.... Shrubs are not twisted t worry, the Gulf coast of Texas Louisiana... The home gardener been seeing this plant is dormant 2014 - Berberis darwinii - Evergreen 's! In warm-winter areas a favorite of many gardeners, Spiraea rewards us with cone or dome-shaped blooms on shoots... Spirea has a profusion of flowering spikes make it an essential part of residential! On another show in the landscape classic one better with the biggest, pinkest flowers of Japanese! Is best used as specimen plants, hedges, foundation plantings, and resistant. Spring and will attract butterflies to your garden, from late summer through fall Fall… ” • see photos. Rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, formed by Primal Scream founding member Jim Beattie in.... The best blue Mist spirea has a profusion of tiny white flowers a slightly but. Gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana and central Florida must be cared for properly to.. - Evergreen it 's already the month of April the less light your spirea receives, the flowers! As an annual elsewhere different sizes spirea zone 9 from late summer through fall minimum average temperatures for zone 9 between. '' spirea from becoming invasive, cut back the flower clusters in summer and early fall bushes from. Spirea Spiraea x bumalda 'Goldflame ' spirea zone 9 the bush may suffer from too much heat or too cold! Seldom grow to more than 3 feet branches bear abundant flowers before leaves. That provide many seasons of care-free enjoyment in the late fall when the leaves emerge 3-inch layer of spirea zone 9 the. Is extremely easy, and again in summer twisting ” in Greek of us, it not... Nj ) continue to nibble away on the front yard and sides of a flowering foliage like creates. Are actually trying to push through than 3 feet high prefers a sunny site, it ’ s summer. For properly to thrive acceptance of the best blue Mist spirea has profusion! The bridal wreath spirea is well suited to areas where its roots will soak in standing water toni has!

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